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Dug this cat, cool driver.
In this post we thought it would be fun to show you a little bit of the New York that we saw. With the busy schedule we didn’t get a lot to time to roam around but we made the most of it. Check back for our Infiniti post and the upcoming MEGA post aka 56k (does that even exist any more?) watch a movie while it loads.

City car park, I could see owning one of these.
NEED ones of these at home!
Got in late which gave the opportunity to snap this shot.
City Lights.
Hmm, where did my keys go?
Don't drop the camera!
Yes we do!
As do I
Simple, effective, delicious.
Room Pizza! Joe-G Pizza, Yum!
Excuse me for a moment, I need to make a call.
Great Dogs??
I think we got followed.
How fitting a Nissan Juke.
Play Ball!
Home Run.
Thought we may have needed the flotation device … to bad we where over land.
Death Trap.  I love you man!

Thanks for looking and we leave you with a teaser from out next post


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