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We can only hope. The internet is alive with rumors, ones I really want to believe. Just in case they weren’t planning on it, Aaron and I have been building what we wanted the new Silvia to be. We fit a factory ECU, exhaust, engine and transmission into a 1990 Nissan 240Sx. We made it out to thunder hill for the keep drifting fun series Hopefully the new Silvia will be something like this. Get excited! 2015 is coming quick!
YouTube link>VQ35DE sounds part 1

YouTube link>VQ35DE sounds part 2

A while ago we did this….

Posted: August 11, 2013 by Brian D. in builds, powered by max

After playing with them for quite a while, we got everything on. It takes a little bit of adjustment. There is unlimited adjustment available it seems! We had so much toe we literally didn’t know what to do with it!

Changed out the inner tie rods and turned a few wrenches until it started to look a little bit more level.
The Dai Champion wheels still look good! I say they look better now with the body drop! What do you think?
Powered by max! It doesn’t get any better in my opinion. Shiny shiny toys.
I’m loving thus project more and more the deeper Aaron and I get into it. We’ll see what the future has in store!
20130811-174555.jpgAaron has been doing work while I’ve been out sick. I can’t wait to get an Idea jam going to figure some things out! More to come. More pictures soon. These are all I’ve got at the moment. 😀

I needed a little break from real society so I took a trip to the old rock for a little bit. When I got back over town, or to the mainland, I felt like my breakation was over. Enough relaxation. There is no drifting on catalina lsland… I needed something to do!
I was in San Diego for a minute so I stopped by Powered by MAX parts shop. For angle, quality, design and durability purposes they were exactly what we wanted for the car.

After seeing what they had and how beautiful the manufacturing and finish was on all of the parts. The shine was almost blinding and you could just feel for sure that they were built for some abuse.((I’ve watched all of the videos)NERD)

After very little thought I soon had a car full of parts and long drive home, like 10 hours. But it was worth it and couldn’t be happier!!

We are waiting on other parts based on availability. Pro coils from powered by MAX
Speaking strictly for myself, I can’t wait to put them on and take pictures, Then drift the crap out of it!!!!

Oh yeah… We will also be working on getting the body work done on the front now that we are getting closer to done with testing. Went with Silvia front. But when if you check under the hood it’s definitely not jdm

Enjoy! More to come. Don’t let your dreams die!

4 corners

Posted: March 27, 2013 by Brian D. in builds


After some work and a little waiting we got the fronts ordered and on which are 18×9 Daijiro Yoshihara champion wheels. Exhaust and cleanup next. Body and more to come.

We will be starting the sponsor hunt so if you have an in with any companies….tell them about our build.

What do you want to see?