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I needed a little break from real society so I took a trip to the old rock for a little bit. When I got back over town, or to the mainland, I felt like my breakation was over. Enough relaxation. There is no drifting on catalina lsland… I needed something to do!
I was in San Diego for a minute so I stopped by Powered by MAX parts shop. For angle, quality, design and durability purposes they were exactly what we wanted for the car.

After seeing what they had and how beautiful the manufacturing and finish was on all of the parts. The shine was almost blinding and you could just feel for sure that they were built for some abuse.((I’ve watched all of the videos)NERD)

After very little thought I soon had a car full of parts and long drive home, like 10 hours. But it was worth it and couldn’t be happier!!

We are waiting on other parts based on availability. Pro coils from powered by MAX
Speaking strictly for myself, I can’t wait to put them on and take pictures, Then drift the crap out of it!!!!

Oh yeah… We will also be working on getting the body work done on the front now that we are getting closer to done with testing. Went with Silvia front. But when if you check under the hood it’s definitely not jdm

Enjoy! More to come. Don’t let your dreams die!



We had a blast at Thunder Hill Raceway. It was bring your parents to drift day. Got a little footage. There is way more power available here than I currently know know how to use. So I guess now that we’ve built the car, we have to start practicing. Build it! break it! fix it! drift it!

I heard the words show car thrown around… Is it?


But California has these things called laws.

Looking will suffice for now

more angle? Modified knuckles in our future. Who has the best in your opinion

What I like

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Sleek and Mean! I like the stuff they have over at Shirts Tucked In

I would like something similar to this.
Rocket bunny looks a little too crazy to me?

What do you think for a future aero kit?
Aside from the hood we have to fabricate…

Aaron got some OE 5 lugs. Soon to be added to “IT”… “IT”, Needs a name. Silvia is a little played out. But there are more pressing matters. Like putting on the new hubs, and getting some front knuckles. Not that I think it needs more angle.. It already looks like we are pushing it. The wheels rub on the lip of the frame rail with the 15’s. But the math department, or Aaron says that the offset “we” select for the front wheels will be primarily for wheel clearance and more angle. At this point there is no such thing as too much of a good thing. More angle please?
The fenders still need rolled but that’s a project for another weekend. Or is it?

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Rolling on stock 4lugs for the time being

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Sitting on stock 4lugs for the time being

Photo after my first test drive, where really it tested me. The back wanted to go way faster than the front of the car, which can be problematic :P. but it wasn’t at all. It was fun! I’m addicted to the VQ35. Well done Nissan…. Wait. We built this… Well done…. “Us”

Driving. If you call it that…

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Driving. If you call it that...

It’s a combination of scary, fast and dare I say it, Exciting. This is our concept of the “Silvia” platform revitalized with modern running gear from the ground up! Our progress has been slow but we feel like we are at a point that we could have it to the track this season, if we work our asses off. Which I have little to give at the moment. Maybe I need more cheeseburgers. I digress. Wheels up in the next post. We have rears for quarter panel fabrication/fitment! This thing is a beast. I know, I drove it!